About ENGL 470 A: Canadian Studies

In this course we have been investigating the history of Canadian literature with an eye to the differences in European and First Nations storytelling traditions. Through our study of the works of Chamberlin, King, Robinson, Moodie, Flick and Frye we have learned the power of stories and the ways in which they can prove dangerous. We have discovered how stories are formative in our worldview and cultural understanding. Through our study of Canadian literature we observed that the national identity can be formed through story. Stories can be inclusive or exclusive but are always persuasive. We have also investigated the affects of technology on storytelling. Hyperlinks now add layers to the stories we tell online and have the ability to fill in the spaces between words and to make connections to overarching themes. We have engaged in dialogue with our classmates to explore concepts of home, nationality, and technology’s role in storytelling.

Our Research Team

Gillian McIver~


Gillian is originally from Ontario, just north of the chaotic yet beautiful Toronto. She has enjoyed the past five years on the west coast of the United States and Canada, and is happy to now call Vancouver home. Gillian is in her 3rd year of English Literature studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Gillian was lucky to spend some time abroad before settling down to her studies – traveling mostly in Europe and Southeast Asia. Gillian currently directs most of her focus to her studies, hoping to travel again once they are complete. Ideally, she would like to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, focusing in the realm of sports broadcasting.

Jenny Robichaud~


Jenny lives in Calgary, Alberta a part time student and a full time stay at home mom to three kids.  She is an English Major at UBC Okanagan who is finishing her degree via the Distance Education program. She is hoping to graduate in May 2015.   Once Jenny graduates she will be attending the B.A. Education program at St. Mary’s University or University of Calgary.  She wants to focus on Special Education at the Elementary level.

Lauren Donnelly~


Lauren Donnelly is a third year English Literature major at the University of British Columbia. Lauren is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but moved to Vancouver four years ago to pursue opportunities in acting. Lauren keeps busy with film and theatre work, her studies at UBC, casual work off of campus, singing lessons, and she currently mentors a 12 year old girl through the Vancouver School Board mentorship program.

Lauren has been very fortunate to have traveled extensively before unsettling into her starving artist life. She has enjoyed experiences in France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Japan. She looks forward to future travels when her schedule is more flexible.

Samantha Ellis~

Samantha Ellis is a fourth year English Literature student at the University of British Columbia. Her greatest loves and pursuits are writing, philanthropy, and humour. Though her interest in volunteering began with her involvement with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Victoria, her passion found a home in the Ronald McDonald House of BC, for which she has been a loyal volunteer for the past four years. Her most recent philanthropic endeavour has been working with the incredible Girls4Girls charity team raising funds for women in South Africa.

She was lucky to have spent last year abroad studying literature in Brighton, England. This experience sparked both her interest in travel and a decent cup of tea. When she is not immersed in a book you can find her spending time with her friends or pretending to do yoga.

Research Team Schedule and Project

a.  Our groups interest is Canadian literature both Oral and written at the Elementary school level.  We are interested in what is being taught at the Elementary level currently and what ideas we are to suggest that can strengthen the further of Canadian literature.  We feel that by starting young, we can teach our children to be open to different types of stories and be more open minded to different cultures.  This will only enrich the future of Canadian literature.

b.  Scheduled meetings for our group:

  • Meet Via Facebook Private Group     March 21st    7:30 pm
  • Meet Via Facebook Private Group     March 24th  8:30 Pm
  • Meet Via Facebook Private Group     March 31st   2:45 pm
  • Meet Via Facebook Private Group     April 7th       (TBD)
  • Meet Vis Facebook Private Group     April 14th     (TBD)Tentative deadline dates for completing

C.  Deadline for Completing

  • Brainstorming Sessions-                             March 25th  11:00 pm
  • Research description drafting-                  March 27th   11:59 pm
  • Hyper-linked annotated Bibliography     April 9th       11:59  pm

*Please note: schedule subject to change depending on group availability*


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